Designing tips for studio unit

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

SYUDIO living is the way to go when looking for a stylish and convenient lifestyle in Davao’s premier address, Camella Northpoint, the landmark condo development of Camella located at the junction of J.P. Laurel and Buhangin Road.

Camella Northpoint studio units can be easily designed to create a real sense of home. Even the uninitiated can make this one-room abode work well for them, by designing it to create distinct functional areas, injecting their own personality, and turning it into a comfortable and great looking home.
Harness color power


Northpoint studio unit owners do not have to follow small-space convention and paint their home a plain white or ivory to make it appear larger. There is a whole spectrum of neutral colors that can help create the illusion of space. Decide on a color that not only makes the studio unit appear larger, but also gives it a clean look, inspiring a sense of peace and tranquility.


Use the same hue for the walls and ceiling to give the room a seamless and spacious look. Color can also create the desired vibe in a home, so choose a palette that you like, considering how the color makes you feel and how it affects your mood.


Don’t let neutral colors rob your home of personality and charm. Accentuate the neutral with an accent hue that you like, injecting splashes of color to keep your studio unit from appearing drab.


Be careful not to mix colors that do not go well together to avoid giving the room a chaotic look.
Avoid traffic


When arranging your studio unit, keep traffic pattern in mind. Establish a main traffic route that will allow you to access all the areas and functional spaces of your studio unit. You run the risk of bumping into your guests when you need to weave in and out of the different areas in your studio.


Be sparse with knick-knacks


Too many objects on display can give a studio unit a cluttered look. A solution is to create visual destinations by arranging interesting items in one place, or carefully positioning conversation pieces on tabletops or shelves. The idea is to give the eye a place to rest.


Display a group of items of the same color in one location; the single color gives them a sense of harmony. Rather than scattering objects of different colors throughout the room, group like object together to give it a cohesive look.


No overdoing mirrors


It’s a popular practice to hang lots of mirrors that reflect light and depth of space of the opposite wall to aid in visually expanding a limited space. Be tasteful in using mirrors and do not overdo. Sometimes it’s best not to try too hard; just turn it into the best room possible. Short of turning your studio unit into a hall of mirrors, line your wall instead with art or your favorite objects.


Make furniture sense


Use furniture to separate functional areas in your studio unit, like living area, kitchen, bedroom area, or study area. Small furniture are uncomfortable and can actually make your space look smaller because the furniture will look miniscule. Use substantial items that are comfy and functional, balancing their scale and achieving a harmonious look with the rest of the furniture.


Think multi-functional. A daybed can do double duty as a sleeping bed and a sofa, and an ottoman can be used as a table. Ghost furniture gives the illusion of saving space, as these are made out of clear glass or plastic that gives them an appearance of not taking up any space.


With these tips in mind, turn your studio unit into the home of your dreams. Find out how to get your studio units at Camella Northpoint at 2/F Delgar Building, J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City, or at 222-0963, 222-5221, 222-5223, (email) and


Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on August 08, 2011.

Designing tips for studio unit | Sun.Star.


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