Northpoint thrives on green architecture

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Friday, March 18, 2011

IN THIS age where living green has become more than just a fashion statement, more people are switching to this eco-friendly way of living as the moral thing to do. Even architecture has imbibed the essence of the green movement, coming out with what is called green architecture.

Green architecture, also called eco-design, creates buildings that are beneficial to human health and nature, designed to be sustainable with minimal impact on the environment. While one will be hard pressed to find a completely sustainable green building, having some of its many characteristics is already a big step.

As a subsidiary of Vista Land & Lifescapes, the largest homebuilder in the country, Camella Communities has applied green architecture in its landmark condo development in Davao, Camella Northpoint. It is the first developer in the city to do so, marking another first for this trailblazing real estate company.

Camella Northpoint’s condo buildings are designed to let natural air flow through the concrete structures and circulate freely around the building, its corridors, common areas, and the residential units.  This design following the principles of airflow provides fresh air to each unit, indoor gardens and hallways of each level of the towers.

Buildings that do not employ smart ventilation can fall victim to the sick building syndrome which causes many health problems to its occupants due to poor indoor air quality.

Green buildings like the Northpoint towers with their healthy ventilation systems give its occupants a healthier living within the comforts of their condo homes.

When Northpoint residents go out their unit doors, they will be greeted by sunlight at any time of the day, with the refreshing sight of green indoor plants thriving in the natural light. The roof of each condo building is outfitted with skylights to admit natural light, illuminating the hallways, indoor garden, and the landscaped atriums found in each floor. These atriums have plants, water feature, mood lighting, and pathways that add to the overall refreshing feel.

The eco-friendly design reduces the use of artificial light in Northpoint homes, giving homeowners savings from power consumption and contributing to global efforts to reduce carbon footprint emanating from power generation.

The benefits of living in a green building such as Northpoint allow its occupants to live an enhanced lifestyle.

Homeowners get a sense of satisfaction knowing that Northpoint allows them to live a green lifestyle and that they are able to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Their comfort is taken to a higher level with Northpoint’s single-loaded corridors that eliminate the claustrophobic sensation brought about by “doors opening to doors” that is experienced when walking along a corridor with doors at both sides facing each other.

Northpoint’s design gives its occupants more privacy, convenience, and freedom of movement.

With all the benefits green architecture give to its occupants and its environment, it is no wonder that green buildings retain a higher market value than others. Northpoint sustainable design components and input to environmental protection undeniably set it apart from any other condo development in Davao.

Camella will introduce Northpoint’s third tower in a grand launch on March 26, 2011, at the clubhouse, Wakefield Manor. For more information, get in touch with Camella Communities at any of these contact details: 2nd floor, Delgar Building, J. P. Laurel Ave., Davao City (right across Camella Northpoint), Camella Information Center at Northpoint, telephone numbers 222-0963, 222-5221, 222-5223, 0917-857-6572,, and #

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