The Greening of Camella Northpoint

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CAMELLA’s landmark condo development in Davao City, Camella Northpoint continues to make new paths in condo living in the city as its first green condominium.

Northpoint buildings are designed and built following the principles of green architecture, an eco-design that creates structures beneficial to human health and has minimal impact on the environment. But it is not only Northpoint’s buildings that are eco-friendly, its natural environment of ancient trees, pine, trees and verdant plant life is as green as it gets.

“Camella has preserved the ancient Acacia trees living on the condo grounds, and we have even augmented these with Caribbean pine trees imported from New Zealand to create a cool, pine-scented ambiance in Northpoint,” Marlon B. Escalicas, general manager of Camella Communities Davao, said.

From the very start, Camella has committed to preserve the old Acacia trees that Northpoint’s property is known for. As the condo buildings and amenities are constructed, Camella and its contractors are careful to work around the existing trees and the natural creek, preserving them as they carefully incorporate modern development to blend with the natural surroundings of Northpoint.

The first batch of pine trees were transplanted over a year ago, costing around P2 million. This year, Camella intends to add another P2 million worth of these all-weather pine trees to further green Northpoint. With over 2000 pine trees growing within an already verdant land of 2.8 hectares, no other condo development in Davao is greener than Northpoint.

Not only that, the manicured landscape and lush pocket gardens all add to the fresh, green environment, and even the buildings have a taste of the natural outdoors with its atrium garden inside the concrete structures.

The clubhouse, Wakefield Manor, has a wellness swimming pool that utilizes salinated water, which requires less chlorine for maintenance and is healthier to swim in than pools using heavily chlorinated water. The salinated swimming pool complements the healthy living proposition of Northpoint.

Future development of its commercial area has also been designed to respect the natural topography of the site. Instead of plowing through and flattening Northpoint’s undulating land, the planned wooden decks and walkways will hug and follow its natural contours and snake around the existing trees. This rustic, natural walkway will allow people to stroll around and enjoy the towering trees that provide a green canopy above their heads.

But it’s not only Northpoint’s buildings and natural environs that allow its homeowners to live a green lifestyle; even its location gives them the opportunity to live green. As the condo community is a stone’s throw away from all the modern amenities of urban living, it requires a shorter commute to everything, translating to lesser fuel consumption.

Its strategic location at the heart of north Davao’s growth area makes it a walkable and sustainable community, decreasing automobile dependence and providing more transportation choices, both of which in turn reduce carbon footprint. All these make the greening of Northpoint an answer to the call of times.

“With the green movement sweeping all over the globe, we can only try to do our share by building a green, sustainable condo community like Northpoint, because that is not only the smart way of living, it is also the smart way of creating communities,” Escalicas said.

For more information about Camella Northpoint or any of Camella’s developments, visit their offices at 2/F, Delgar Building, J. P. Laurel Ave., Davao City (across Camella Northpoint) and the Camella Information Center at Northpoint, call 222-0963, 222-5221, 222-5223, 0917-857-6572, email, or log on to

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 23, 2011.



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