Next Destination: Savannah Subdivision in Iloilo

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The wedding reception in San Joaquin, Iloilo for my wife’s goddaughter, Analyn Gange Sealmoy had drawn to a close for my asawa and I. Only had a chance to quickly gulp down my fourth bottle of San Miguel Pale Pilsen when The Sainted Patient Wife informed me that her relative, Ronnie and his Mother, had hired a car to take us back to the Ortiz Dock for the return pump boat ride to Guimaras. Warren, our driver, was patiently waiting. Ronnie, whose wife we had met when we first arrived at the church last Sunday morning, was going to give us a guided tour of some subdivisions in Iloilo. He had heard that we expressed interest in moving to Panay Island, and I was so excited to be able to get a first-hand look at the housing options available.


Ronnie, a schoolteacher and IT whiz, wasn’t a real estate agent but had some friends and relatives that lived in the gated developments we wanted to visit. The subdivisions we planned to survey all had 24/7 security. No one could enter without a guard first calling the person you wanted to visit to see if they would be allowed in. Ronnie joked that if a credit card company that you owed money to sent a representative you could merely tell the guard that they would not be allowed in. An armed guard denying you entrance and asking you to leave is a good incentive to turn around and take off.

Savannah Subdivision, a short jeepney ride from SM City, our favorite shopping mall in Iloilo and nine kilometers away from the city,  was the first place we checked out. The development’s parent company is Carmella Homes. Ronnie advised my asawa and I that Senator and former Presidential candidate Manny Villar owns this subdivision. After passing through security, Ronnie and his Mother have a relative and several friends in this residential area, my wife and I were both impressed by the landscaping along the way to the homes.  Beautifully sculptured trees lined the median and the lawns along the road trimmed. Our first impressions were definitely positive.

Ronnie wanted to visit a relative that would soon be leaving Iloilo and had some purchased some treats at a nearby Iloilo Supermarket,  but unfortunately the relative had already left. However, other members of the family were still home, and we were graciously given a tour of the structure. I liked the high ceilings on this one story home that had a 120 square meter lot.  My wife and I both thought the residence looked good and after thanking them for letting us inside, we proceeded to some two-story homes in the subdivision since we would be needing more room when we made our future move.

I was impressed by the two story homes and the general atmosphere of the whole subdivision. A jeepney would take you to the front entrance for 5 pesos and jeepneys that deliver you to nearby SM City in Iloilo for 10 pesos were right outside the main gate. Very convenient. Monthly maintenance fees of 500 pesos covered the costs of the round-the-clock security and street lighting. Reasonable fees. The subdivision was quiet. I didn’t hear any barking dogs or crowing roosters. Ronnie told me that concrete walls were not allowed around the lots, only fences so that the views of the homes would not be completely obstructed.

Homes and lots can be purchased for as low as P258 pesos (6.03 US Dollars) a day , or 7-15 thousand pesos (164 USD-351 USD) a month. Ronnie assures me that the Savannah Subdivision is flood free and even remained dry during Typhoon Frank which flooded most of Iloilo in 2008. That is a strong selling point for me. My overall impression of this Iloilo subdivision was very positive. It definitely goes to the top of our list for possible locations in Iloilo.



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