Camella Northpoint’s mid-rise advantage

February 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Monday, 24 October 2011 08:00
Camella Northpoint remains to be the only condo community in the city that allows its unit owners to enjoy all the benefits of condo living within the laid-back charm of a subdivision setting.
This landmark British colonial-themed condo development of Camella scores many benefits with its mid-rise buildings and pine-filled surroundings nestled in the heart of north Davao’s growth area.
Guaranteed security, privacy and exclusivity.  Residents of condo communities housed in multi-use buildings lose their sense of privacy because of other people’s access to the common areas. This is true with high-rise condo buildings that house commercial establishments and business offices.  The idea of sharing the lobby, entrance, exit, elevator, and parking with non-unit owners dilutes the sense of privacy and exclusivity of the condo community.
While living in a condo next to a mall or commercial center may be convenient, unit owners can kiss privacy and exclusivity goodbye because prying eyes will never be far away from their condo windows.  Worse, their comings and goings can become fodder for those hanging out at the mall.
While Camella Northpoint has a commercial area, it is outside the condo’s main gates and a reasonable distance from the buildings.  It will feature specialty shops, fine dining restaurants, a boutique hotel, and other lifestyle options that will enhance the lives of the condo residents.
It also allows its residents to enjoy privacy and exclusivity in the real sense of the word, with its 24/7 security bolstered by a state-of-the-art entry-exit system at the main gates, secure perimeter fence, and CCTV.
Relief from the hustle and bustle. With the higher traffic of high-rise condo buildings, it’s no wonder the hustle and bustle is just outside the door of unit owners.  There is no gradual easing into the city’s commotion when going out of a condo home located right in the middle of the city’s hurly-burly.
While Camella Northpoint is located within the center of north Davao’s business and commercial district, it is tastefully tucked away from the city’s turmoil.  Once residents enter the condo property, they are surrounded by lush greenery and wide open spaces that dissipate noise from city traffic.
Its fresh and serene ambiance is enhanced by over P4 million worth of imported Caribbean pine trees that can grow to over a hundred feet tall, making it a veritable pine estate, a refuge from the stresses of city life.  Yet its location is quite close to all the modern conveniences and daily essentials everyone needs.
No jostling for elevator space. High–rise buildings over 12-storeys tall have a denser population that results to over-crowding, rendering condo unit owners competing for elevator use.  While the elevators navigate the many floors of a high-rise tower, unit owners will have to wait longer for it to reach their floor.  With more people using the elevators, there’s lesser and tighter space for them.
Camella Northpoint offers low-rise advantage that high-rise condo buildings do not have.  Its six-storey and 10-storey buildings are low- to mid-rise structures that house a population that is less dense, discouraging over-crowding. With lesser people, there are no long waits and no jostling for elevator space.
Residents have the luxury of a short ride up or down the elevators or can even take the wide, airy staircases to make their comings and goings as fast or as leisurely as they want it to be.  To have this option is sweet, especially during rush hours when almost everybody has to leave for work at the same time.
Condo living with subdivision charm. Most condominiums are either stand alone structures bereft of appeal and ambiance, or high rise buildings that confine its condo residents within its four concrete walls. This is where Camella Northpoint stands out from the rest.
In Camella Northpoint, condo living has never been as free and as refreshing with its wide, open spaces, natural parks, pocket gardens, verdant plant life, and its manicured landscape set off by a green carpet of grass.
The ambiance of the lush outdoors is easily brought inside the condo homes with its wide windows facing the clubhouse, Wakefield Manor, and its top-of-the-line amenities such as a multi-function hall, cabanas and grill pits, fitness gym, playground, meditation pond, a salinated wellness pool, all surrounded by aromatic pine trees.
Making Camella Northpoint your new address is now easier with Camella’s studio madness promo featuring P20,000 outright discount, lowered reservation fee to P15,000 and low down payment of 15% for 18 months.
Buyers will have a chance to win a house and lot, car, Asian cruise, and cash prizes in Camella’s ‘Home for the Holidays’ promo, plus free interior design options developed by renown interior designers from Manila, namely Michael Pizarro and Katrina Jacinto.
Now is the best time to get in touch with Camella at 2/F Delgar Building, J. P. Laurel Ave., Davao City (across Camella Northpoint), 222-0963, 222-5221, 222-5223, 09178576572, and

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