Vista Land builds for the future

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April 27, 2011, 11:05pm
The GreenViron showcase area at Evia is opened to the public by, from left: Benjamarie Serrano, CEO and president of Vista Land; ChaCha, and Nene Sadiasa, Crown Asia COO.
The GreenViron showcase area at Evia is opened to the public by, from left: Benjamarie Serrano, CEO and president of Vista Land; ChaCha, and Nene Sadiasa, Crown Asia COO.


MANILA, Philippines – The green movement now has an official “face” in Vista Land. To mark Earth Day last Monday, the country’s biggest developer planted the GreenViron program, a commitment to the future that will build on a campaign for sustainability which for many years, the Vista Land companies have institutionalized in their communities.

In 10 communities around the country where Vista Land now has 87 property projects, the mission of the GreenViron program was launched with the planting of 10,000 trees last Monday. The new seedlings add to the one million trees (mostly pine) that the developer has already planted in its property projects for many years. (The Crosswinds community in Tagaytay has 30,000 pine trees!) This year, they aim to plant 100,000 trees, slowly creating forests around the country with the target of another million trees in the coming years.

Marcelino Mendoza, chairman of the board of Vista Land and Camille Villar, COO of Brittany Corporation, a Vista Land company, led the GreenViron launching ceremonies in its community in the Sta. Elena, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, with the planting of pine and mahogany trees. In other parts of the country, officials of Vista Land, Crown Asia, Camella and Vista Residences led the launching rites, planting a variety of seedlings like African tulips and Molave trees to provide the future residents a pleasant landscape and a healthy environment.

The GreenViron program was inspired by the Villar Foundation which has gathered awards for programs on corporate social responsibility.

One of these is the River Rehabilitation project which has received three international awards in the last five years.

The GreenViron’s four-point approach to sustainability was developed from the strategies of the foundation’s projects. Aside from tree planting which now has pocket forests in Vista Land communities, the green program provides solutions to the garbage problem with a recycling program that starts from the things used around the property development sites.

The coconut nets used to prevent soil erosion, for example, come from coconut husks that were discarded into the rivers and thus cause flooding.

In all Vista Land projects, waste segregation and recycling is a practice that is not only encouraged but required from residents. Biodegradable waste is turned into fertilizer, adding to that produced by its vermi-culture efforts. The organic and all-natural fertilizer limits the use of harmful chemicals mixed into the earth.

Although GreenViron can be viewed as another green program that is now sprouting around the development sites, it may yet be a significant effort in healing nature for the future simply because Vista Land is the biggest developer in the country. Its group of companies – Britanny, Crown Asia and Camella, – has built over 200,000 houses nationwide. Moving larger communities can spread the sustainability efforts more efficiently.

“We are committed to this call. This commitment is shown in programs adopted from the international award-winning Villar Foundation. We believe in the advocacies of the Villar Foundation and are doing our share in support of these advocacies,” Benjamarie N. Serrano, Vista Land CEO and president said.

“Seeing the importance of rehabilitating the planet, protecting what limited resources still exist, and creating values that support an eco-friendly way of living, Vista Land launched GreenViron to continue the company’s greening activities with the help of efforts advanced by the Villar Foundation,” Camille Villar, COO of Brittany, said.


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