Vista Land launches GreenViron

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Thursday, 19 May 2011 13:14 Lifestyle

With an admirable advocacy to protect the environment and planet Earth, Vista Land recently launched GreenViron at Camella Savannah in Pulo Maestra Vita, Oton, Iloilo. Right after registration, attendees went to the Body Jam session, a 30-minute exercise activity led by health buffs and participated in by Camella officers, staff, contractors, brokers and agents and Camella Savannah homeowners.


The activity was led by Camella Visayas Business Development Head for Visayas Atty. Pamela Gako, Camella Tech Serve Head for Visayas Engineer Ernesto Concio Jr. and Camella Iloilo General Manager Lily Donasco with Camella Marketing Staff Amor Latumbo as host. The launch of the GreenViron sustainability program was simultaneously held in all Camella communities nationwide.


GreenViron is a collection of programs designed to sustain Mother Nature inspired by the vision of Vista Land to rehabilitate the planet, to protect what limited resources still exist and to create values that support an eco-friendly way of living. The GreenViron icon is a composite of two words, “Green” and “Environ.” “Green” denotes today’s massive movement towards sustainable methods and technologies designed to rehabilitate a badly polluted, ravaged planet. “Environ” is a verb. It is an act of surrounding, or enclosing. Vista Land chose that verb because it stands for inspiring people to move, get out there and rehabilitate the planet as our home. Vista Land’s commitment to the global call to preserve the environment is shown in the programs adopted from the international award-winning Villar Foundation. “Camella Iloilo, in partnership with the Villar Foundation has been doing this by looking at things in our immediate vicinity and by discovering what needs to be fixed,” says General Manager Lily Donasco.  Camella believes in the advocacies of the Villar Foundation and is doing its share in support of these advocacies. There are four specific programs under GreenViron: Waste segregation and recycling; vermi-culture- an organic way to produce fertilizer; earth worm castings; coconut coir that is being woven from husks that were discarded into waterways thus damming the rivers. Coco coir nets are used to prevent soil erosion; and an assortment of trees is being planted to create green zones that purify the air, hold the soil, and soothe the spirit.


In the past years, one million trees have been planted. Through GreenViron, we will continue planting a million more trees in the coming years.


As an act of commitment, Camella officers, staff, brokers, agents, contractors , workers, and homeowners recited the Oath to Mother Earth before the massive tree planting activity. The oath is an act of turning everyone into committed believers, a symbol of love and concern for our children’s future towards a sustainable planet.*


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