A Second Home In Palawan Camella Starts Puerto Princesa Community

May 5, 2012 § Leave a comment


Let’s talk about a second home to fulfill another aspiration ­ that of having a home where the spirit of achievement can rest. Many people now reach that position earlier, long before they actually retire from a profession. They’re the successful businessmen and professionals who have established their products and services and claimed their market shares ­ and now have the resources to enjoy life.In the past decades, people like them found their second homes in luxurious seaside or mountain villages. In this decade, this genera tion of younger and successful men and women will likely be attracted to communities that will bring another kind of luxury ­ an exciting mix of natural wonders and interesting people who will walk in and out of their playground.

That’s the kind of luxury feature that is now taking form in a community called Camella Puerto Princesa in Palawan. The recent declaration of the Palawan Underground River as one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World has boosted the extraordinary attraction of this community. Living in the same area where tourists enter the province’s capital city of Puerto Princesa will be like being shoulder-to-shoulder with a celebrity. With the influx of tourists that have started coming since the Underground River’s citation, the city is expected to boom. Even before the prestigious title, Palawan was already claiming a significant chunk of the tourist traffic because of its exotic wildlife, beautiful beaches, spectacular islands and abundant seafood. And Palawan, a province composed of 1,700 islands, is also known as “The Last Frontier.“ It is a claim that inspires the people of Puerto Princesa to follow a sustainable development plan. For example, it is one of the first cities to introduce electric vehicles in its transport system; and it holds the title “The Cleanest and Greenest City“ for many years.

Living in an environment like that is a luxury attraction that Camella Puerto Princesa offers. And with its experience in master planning theme communities, Camella has developed a pleasant atmosphere with the Caribbean-inspired houses and lush greenery of ancient trees.

Naturally, modern amenities make the community easier and safer to live in -a secure entrance and perimeter walls, shuttle service, a village center, clubhouse, and sports areas.

Its location especially puts an added premium ­ Camella Puerto Princesa is near the airport, the capitol building, cathedral, market and shopping areas. Beautiful to think about is that the beaches and resorts are just about two kilometers away from the property.

So, when adventure ­ or an appreciation for nature ­ calls, this second home is where the spirit takes off.

Behind the development of this affordable middle-income residential property is Camella, a subsidiary of Vista Land, the country’s largest home builder.





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