Most preferred and trusted brand with massive regional expansion

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By Camille Bersola (The Philippine Star) Updated June 15, 2012 12:00


MANILA, Philippines – Camella,the country’s most preferred and trusted real estate brand continues the trend for innovation as it launches multi-million peso projects in multiple locations across the Philippines. Camella, pursues its dynamic and strategic expansion program, strengthening its dominant position in the real estate industry in Mega Manila and across the regions.

Jerylle Luz Quismundo, Camella President reveals new ventures that will create unprecedented growth aimed at surpassing last year’s success. She says, “We are enhancing our formula for success. While others are still thinking of ways to bridge the gap in the housing sector, we, at Camella, are already building and expanding in ways never seen before.” Camella takes on 2012 unimpeded as it tirelessly fulfills its commitment to provide every Filipino family the opportunity of home ownership.

Imagine living like you’re on an amazing vacation—everyday. This is the magic Camella Bohol offers you.

Imagine spending your life in one of the Philippines’ most beautiful holiday escapes. Picture living each day like a tourist off on another great adventure. One some days, the beaches and islands cast like jewels across the sea beckon. On other days, voyage through history and ancient architecture via the old towns, plazas and churches that crisscross this exquisite island. Or, if you feel so inclined, pay a visit to the island’s most popular resident – the inimitable and rather cuddly tarsier.

Camella is the real estate brand with the widest reach across the country — building homes for over 37 years in 28 key provincial destinations and 56 cities and municipalities. Camella has peppered our islands with high-quality homes and exquisitely themed communities of diverse options — each one carefully thought out and designed to satisfy the many ways Filipino families prefer to live. A subsidiary of the largest homebuilder Vista Land, it has built over 250,000 to date.

Camella understands that it is the ultimate dream of every Filipino to have a home of their own. Thus, it is their vision to build a home for every Filipino.

In a 2011 study by Colliers International Research, Vista Land is the leader in Philippine residential real estate development with a total of over 18,000 units of houses houses and lots and condominiums sold in 2011. It means that more people are choosing Vista Land properties as their home.

Living in the best places in the country

Today, the vision of both Camella and Vista Land has evolved into creating more communities in all prime locations in the Philippines, building world-class neighborhoods in the most progressive and booming regions of the country. It is a natural progression from the average Filipino’s desire to live in or close to the business and entertainment hubs of his chosen city or province.

Expanding its portfolio in the Visayas Region is of particular excitement to the group, as noted by Quismundo, “There is a immense sense of pride in the massive expansion efforts we have undertaken. Filipinos don’t just live in Metro Manila and its environs. The great majority have chosen to build their lives in their hometowns. The land there is beautiful, the quality of life is incredible, and we would like to be there for them.”

Camella Bohol – rooms with incomparable views

Camella Bohol is regally located in Bool, on the island’s southwestern tip. Here, one’s windows open up to a panoramic view of the whimsical Banat-i Hill, the only hill in Tagbilaran, the capital and the island’s only city. Proffering an amazing view, one can spy the magnificent Panglao with its world-famous beaches. Further to the left is Pamilican Island, among the country’s richest dive sites. Beyond them, gleams the rich green-blue of the Bohol Sea. On especially clear days, the island of Siquijor can be spotted, dreamily floating in the distance.

Reminiscent of Grecian and Italian seaside towns, where clay- tiled villas speckle cliffs that seem to fall into bluer-than-blue seas, the homes in Camella Bohol are inspired by the sun-kissed beauty of the Mediterranean with colors that echo sand, sea, ocean birds, and the vibrant vegetation that decorate European seaside villages. It’s like owning a home in a vacation spot. No need to book an expensive hotel or resort to go on a dream holiday – you can have one just by going out your door.

Offering just what you need to live fully

Camella Bohol is the first community in Bohol that offers full amenities, in much the same way every development under the “Camella” brand does. Open spaces fringed by wide tree-lined roads and lushly landscaped greenery create the feeling of more room to stretch, run and grow. For leisure and neighborly bonding, there is a swimming pool, basketball court, playground, and pathways for a gentle stroll or a brisk jog. There will also be a Clubhouse. It will be the place to gather, celebrate, unwind, and enjoy R & R with friends and the family. Gated entranceways and roving security guards provide the residents with round-the-clock protection.

At the heart of this idyllic “hamlet” is the Community Center. Allowing the village to be practically self-contained, the Center will be a commercial district-in-miniature. Eventually housing a grocery, drugstore, bakery, coffee shop, and other services the community might find useful.

Key to all Camella and Vista Land developments is the selection of the most convenient locations in the cities chosen for sites. Camella Bohol, nesting in the island’s capital, is extremely accessible to the province’s major shopping areas, hospitals, churches, schools, and business hubs. The Holy Name University, University of Bohol, the Bohol Institute of Technology, and Holy Spirit School are within 12 minutes away. The Tagbilaran City Community Hospital and Coop Hospital are even closer. For fun and entertainment, there are the Island City and Bohol Quality Malls, less than 10 minutes from the gates. The Airport is an easy 20 minutes away and if one prefers ocean travel, the Seaport is close by at 15 minutes. For those who need a little spiritual upliftment, Baclayon Church and St. Peter the Worker Parish are 10 minutes from the community.

How do you wish to live? You have an amazing choice.

Aside from being the first residential development in Bohol to offer full amenities to its residents, Camella – via Communities Philippines, the marketing and corporate vehicle through which Vista Land offers residential properties outside the Mega Manila area – is the first developer to cater to all market segments. For start-up families it offers the Lessandra Series; for growing families there is the Camella Series; and for upwardly mobile families, the Crown Series. Each home is built with the same high, global-standard quality, sustainable construction materials and practices, as well as the unmatched space planning expertise Vista Land has built its reputation on.

Formally launching today, and built in tribute to the working Filipinos’ sweat, tears, and dreams, as well as the irresistible beauty of Bohol, Camella Bohol will truly be one of Vista Land’s finest creations, as well as an investment that will keep paying for itself for years and years.

“We have selected exciting growth areas to expand to this year. Within the month of June alone, after unveiling our Bohol property, Camella is set to launch in Metro Vigan and Batangas City. The clamor and the urgent need for quality built homes and communities in the regions, mostly of returning OFW’s and their families, continue to be our inspiration to build more homes and expand into more growth areas. More locations are in the pipeline this 2012 – across key areas and destinations,” shares Quismundo.

To live the rest of your tomorrows on an island paradise, call (02) 584 1182 or +63917 857 6494 for Direct Marketing, +63917 589 8378 for Camella Bohol, or log on to to check on other Camella communities nationwide.




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