Fine dine (with paper)

January 26, 2013 § Leave a comment

By Stella A. Estremera

Goin Places

Saturday, July 28, 2012

DEADLINE was snapping at my heels, but there were other concerns to attend to, among them my sister’s birthday.

Still deadline waits for no one, no matter how stuffed you already are, and thus I found my way to this restaurant, which we earlier discovered is only open for dinner (as of the moment).

Having been thwarted on that lunch trip a week ago (and craving for sushi since then), I was determined to check it out Thursday evening with just one friend in tow.

The place is the refurbished white house at Camella Northpoint in Bajada.
It’s a fine-dine resto named Ninyo’s Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge.

The Japanese stuff they have there came highly recommended and so sushi was on top of our list – given our filled tummy. Salmon gravlax was our mutual choice simply because it doesn’t sound familiar (two pieces go for P300) and the California rolls with three crab variations (aligue mayo, soft shell crab, and crab meat nori for P365 for the six pieces sushi and two slices of soft shell crab) in order to check out how they compare with the more familiar California rolls in town.

We ordered pasta as our main dish. Again I went for what was not familiar – shiitake mushroom udon, which is described to be cooked in light soy and garlic sauce infused with black truffle and served with haricot vert and other seasonal vegetables for P395. Imee went for the Wakame Pesto Cream Pasta served with grilled chicken breast (P420) because she likes grilled chicken and Wakame pesto cream doesn’t sound familiar as well.

For starters, we were served a piece each of complimentary smoked toro tempura roll (that’s fish).

The more pleasant surprise was the complimentary tiny ball of sherbet that was pleasantly bitter from lime rind most likely, which was served after we gorged on the sushi (to neutralize our tastebuds before we start on our pasta).

The California rolls were heavenly (it should be), and I would hazard to say, so was the salmon gravlax, except that it would be a biased opinion given my love for salmon in whatever way it is served and my being unfamiliar with gravlax.

The way the pastas were prepared gives you second thoughts on attacking it with your fork.

Mine looked more like an Ikebana flower arrangement than a plate of food, Imee’s was like a Zen garden.

The pesto was light yet flavorful. The shiitake mushroom pasta was too salty for my taste and is closer to pansit than pasta. But then, it is udon… the Japanese pansit.

Actually, we ordered some other stuff before we settled on our final selections simply because our radar for what’s not available was running perfectly well and so we will just have to imagine how the Uni Balls taste and look like, plus one other I can no longer recall but it had oysters in it. Both were not available.

Total bill for the two of us, P1699; definitely a place to bring someone you are trying to impress.

By the way, they have main dishes. Steaks and stuff.

Their kitchen is a delight to watch, all spic and span and teeming with ten chefs and cooks clad in white and one in what appears to be Asian-inspired cooking attire in black (must be the one making the sushis), and a host of men in black, two of whom are manning the kitchen sink and the rest keeping tabs of the orders.

The lady behind me who was with another lady and one gentleman as dinner companions echoed our earlier observation, “There are too many people in their kitchen.”

Oh, just in case you’re wondering what the paper in the title is all about, it’s the white paper that serves as the disposable table cover on top of the dark tablecloth.


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