Making your studio unit efficient

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CLUELESS about designing and organizing your Camella Northpoint studio unit? No worries. Read on for tips on how to maximize the space of your single-room abode and turn it into an efficient, homey dwelling.

So where do you start? Simple. Get organized. From your wardrobe, appliances, to furniture, organization is key to achieving a harmonious look without the clutter. If your clothes, books, mementos, and other personal effects are everywhere, you won’t achieve a smooth, organized look.

Every item you bring into your Camella Northpoint studio unit has to have its own place, otherwise it will look chaotic and you’ll be snagging things as you move inside your studio home.

First off, go to your closet and look at the clothes that you regularly wear. Chances are you are only using about a quarter or half of them, which means at least 50% of your clothes are just sitting or hanging in there taking up valuable space. Select old clothing that you can live without and choose to either donate to charity, sell, or hand over to close friends or family.

Now that you’ve freed up some space in your closet, you can use it to store new clothes or your memento box and other personal effects. It’s a great space to store away those items you don’t want prying eyes to see.
Your next stop is the kitchen. Appliances like coffee maker, oven toaster, blender, juicer, mixer, griddle, bread maker, rice cooker and other similar appliances are great helpers. But do you really use all of them every day?

Free up counter space by leaving only appliances that are regularly used, such as coffee maker and rice cooker, and store away those that are only periodically used (you can take them out when you need them). If you still want to clear up some cabinet space, sell unused or rarely used appliances, or give to someone who can make good use of it.

Collectibles and mementos hold sentimental value for us. Still, go over each item that you have stashed away for a long time and dispose those that no longer have value for you. The few ones you opt to keep you can use to accessorize your studio, but don’t overdo it. Display only the few items that you love looking at and you’ll avoid giving your studio a cluttered look.

As far as furniture goes, it’s a no-brainer. If you’re bringing old furniture to your studio unit, you have to let go of those that do not fit the style and space of your new home. Probably the top qualifying factors would be, if the furniture is functional, if the look goes with the rest of the furniture, and of course, if there is space for it.

If you’ve been placing personal files such as important documents, bills, and anything paper on the bed, kitchen table, side table, or anywhere else they’re not supposed to be, time to create a file center with separate folders for each type of document.

Don’t let it pile up where you indiscriminately left it. There’s nothing like seeing paper all around that gives your home a chaotic look. A file center frees up space and makes your studio unit look clean and organized.

Finally, keep the discipline. Organizing your studio unit is not a one-off effort; you need to follow through what you have started to keep your single-room home clean, efficient, and in order. No matter how large or small the space, if everything is in place, your home feels right. Then you can go enjoy the convenience of a Camella Northpoint studio home.
Your studio home awaits you at Camella Northpoint, Camella’s British colonial themed condo development along Buhangin Road and JP Laurel Avenue. Camella accepts all inquiries at 2/F Delgar Building, JP Laurel Ave., Bajada, Davao City, telephone numbers (082) 222-0963 and (082) 222-5221.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on March 05, 2012.

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